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A New Energy!

Claire Hutt

Motueka Ward Councillor


Claire Hutt for
Motueka Ward Councillor

Kia Ora, my name is Claire Hutt and I am VERY excited to be standing for Council for the Motueka Ward in this years local body elections.

A little bit about me....Originally from England, I moved to Motueka back in 2002 and have embraced the town ever since. I am a proud mother of two boys Matthew & Roman. I have a real connection with the Motueka communities through various projects and volunteering roles such as;

Our Town Motueka Coordinator, which involves liaising with local businesses, promoting the town and surrounding areas, organising the annual Starlight Christmas Parade, Festival of Lights, and the recent Matariki Festival working closely with Te Awhina Marae, Parklands School and the Nelson Astronomical Society.

Having been a committee member on Riding for the Disabled, Treasurer of the Motueka Junior Football Club, Chair of the Motueka District Toy Library, founding committee member of Boomerang Bags, and now a Trustee for Motueka Events Charitable Trust, a trained Marine Mammal Medic for Project Jonah, a Champion for Safe Families Motueka, and most recently elected on the Board of Trustees for Parklands School, I have the skills, compassion and governance to be a leader for our community around the council table.

My experience on the Motueka Community Board has proven to benefit the community by securing funding for the shade sails and new seating at Decks Reserve, the recently installed outdoor gym equipment at Memorial Park, playground upgrades, plus supporting many other local projects.

My career background is in banking, being a Senior Personal Banker and working for local banks in Motueka for over 10 years. Looking through financial reports is second nature to me. Looking after other peoples dollars is something I have vast experience in.
Applying for grants and local sponsorship to secure projects to come to fruition is another area I have years of experience with. I have made connections and networked with a variety of community grant providers and have established a good working relationship with them.

A New Energy... Being an effective advocate for our ward is a role I am already embracing, I now want to be officially at the table to make your vote count. Being honest and engaging to promote a caring inclusive community is extremely important to me.

Population growth has been significant and our infrastructure and facilities need help keeping up.  The basics like footpaths, storm water and our roads need serious attention to meet the demands of our increasing population.

Housing....The current archaic rules and regulations for building consents and covenants on subdivisions desperately need revising to allow our families to secure their own homes. Allowing the option of tiny homes or 2-storey town house apartments. Changing the % quota allowed for section purchases by property developments. For example new subdivisions which in the past have been marketed as ‘affordable housing’ have been purchased by building companies with ‘turn-key’ packages which makes these homes unaffordable, rather than allowing a balanced % of these sections to be purchased by Joe Blow Public so they can build their own home to step onto the housing ladder, whether its a 3 bedroom home, a tiny house, apartment or whatever....we should have the choice!!!

Our environment needs our attention! Making changes at home and progressing across the region.  Start Local, Impact Global! Motueka's economy is also a focal point, promoting us as a destination and supporting Motueka as an attractive, safe and prosperous place for families to be.

In times of emergency I am apparently the ‘go to person’. The morning after Cyclone Gita, receiving a phone call from a resident in Riwaka. She was beside herself and felt completely overwhelmed with what faced her and her family....she rang ME! “I don’t know who to contact or what to do, so I thought I would ring you”, as Claire would be there for us. The volunteer clean up crew was established that morning with SOS calls over social media and numerous messages, emails and phone calls. Weeks and weeks of blood, sweat and tears to help and support our residents who so desperately needed not just physical help but also emotional support and acknowledgement for what had just happened.

The Pigeon Valley Fires..... I received a phone call at 8pm on a Saturday evening when I was spending a weekend away with friends. This phone call was from a MoTEC staff member. She wanted to help volunteer fire fighters and evacuated residents by providing meals on a large scale. She said I know you are the right person to call and you will help and you will action this and make it happen.  By 10am the next morning we had 70+ people volunteering at MoTEC by cooking meals, donating ingredients, or offering transport to Saxton Fields for delivery.

For a new energy.... make your vote count, vote Claire Hutt !

Policies & Values

  • What are your thoughts and priorities for the High Street upgrade? Open or Close

    The safety of our community is a priority. Drivers, pedestrians, mobility scooters, children walking or biking to school....The High Street is a ticking bomb and only by sheer good fortune has there not been more accidents or fatalities. I will advocate on your behalf and continue to be the squeaky wheel to central government, in order to put our long awaited upgrade back on the radar. Being the squeaky wheel is unfortunately all we can do. It’s not just down to one person though. If we all take ownership and squeak the wheel together it will have more impact and will be more difficult to ignore.

  • What are your thoughts on the current housing situation in Motueka? Open or Close

    A disaster!  Motueka has serious problems with inflated house prices out of proportion with wages, plus a huge lack of housing, whether its sections to buy or rentals.

    For subdivisions I would like to see a % quota rule for property developers/building companies. For example 40% of sections can be purchased and developed by building companies and the remaining 60% can only be purchased by individuals/families to build on. I will also advocate for covenants to be revised, to allow smaller homes and also 2 storey homes (ie town house apartments) to be built and not the out dated rules that are still in place today.  We need to evolve with the times!

  • What are your thoughts on climate change emergency? Open or Close

    We can no longer brush this under the mat and leave it for our children and their children to deal with. We will need to transform our relationship with the environment, and our way of life to help develop the actions we need to take to prepare our region for the challenges of climate change. Several towns and cities across New Zealand have declared a climate change emergency, but communities are asking “what now?”.
    Firm leadership from around the Council table is needed to make decisions on the “what now” questions. We shouldn’t just simply declare an emergency and then it’s business as usual. Tough decisions need to be made and most likely unpopular ones. I do however, feel that declaring such an emergency will wake us all up to thinking more about the environment and what our future generations will have to deal with if we don’t act now.


  • What are your thoughts on sea level rise and plans for the future? Open or Close

    Again, like above, we need to be clever about this and think for the future and not just for the now. Our children and grand children are relying on us to make these decisions to safe guard their future. Building sea walls is not enough prevention and sand bagging whenever we expect a storm is ridiculous. The answers aren’t going to appear overnight, but a strategic working group planning for the future needs to happen. Having been involved in previous working groups both within council and outside, I would like to see myself on this working group. I am not afraid the ask the difficult questions and working hard to find the right solutions.


  • What are your thoughts on the environment in general and what changes would you support? Open or Close

    The environment is definitely a focal point for me. Having recently initiated a tour around the Richmond Resource Centre to answer questions on recycling and landfill. 

    On the 4th and 5th Sept I have a trip planned for visiting Raglan and having a tour around the Xtreme Zero Waste plant, gathering information and talking to staff etc. Plus a meeting with Waikato District Council who are one of their partners in this initiative. This is very exciting and really looking forward to sharing with you on my return.  Note: This trip is 100% funded out of my own pocket and not TDC.  I like to ‘walk the talk’.


  • What are your thoughts on the current state of Motueka’s infrastructure? Open or Close

    Part of my role as Our Town Motueka Coordinator is to promote Motueka and encourage visitors and locals to spend money in our businesses. Supporting local!  This is a challenging task and one which is made even harder when the state or our CBD area is so tardy. Footpaths cracked, uneven, broken and a mix/match of different materials. Car parks covered in pot holes, lack of car parks in general, flooding on our roads, blocked drains, lack of modern playgrounds with more variety of equipment and lack of cycle lanes. Basically I feel Motueka is looking extremely tired and run down.

  • What are your thoughts for opportunities for our youth? Open or Close

    Having attended the recent Te Tauihu Intergenerational Strategy presentations, I feel more confident and encouraged that opportunities will move in the right direction. Not just with affordable housing but also jobs and more support for the increase in mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

  • What are your thoughts and ideas to sort out the freedom campers? Open or Close

    Having travelled extensively around Europe, I find it difficult to comprehend that we allow our tourists to sleep for free in cars and non self-contained vehicles. This is killing a lot of our accommodation businesses, in particular the ones who offer cheaper back packing rooms or camp sites with all facilities provided. This has to stop! Visitors coming to our district need to pay for their accommodation, simple! I believe this will not affect the number of visitors we have, as we have so much to offer people who come to Motueka and the wider areas.  Lobbying the central government to change the freedom camping by-law is imperative for securing our economy. Recently one of our long standing back packers & camp ground facility had to close it’s doors after many many years of trading.  This is directly due to the impact of freedom campers staying in the area in their non self-contained vehicles at no cost, rather than staying at an accommodation provider.

    Motueka Community Board has worked extensively to make our town a ‘NZ Motor Home & Caravan Association’ Friendly Town by installing a second dump station, for which funding has also been donated by NZMCA.  It’s important we don’t get this confused with ‘freedom campers’.

  • Motueka to Riwaka Bridge? Open or Close

    Unfortunately this is an NZTA road, not TDC. However, I know that TDC have been pushing for this to be improved/widened.  NZTA have it on their plan, but I believe not within the next 10 year plan.

  • By-pass for large trucks? Open or Close

    A by-pass for heavy vehicles is a no-brainer for me. This really needs to be seriously looked at and action taken NOW! This is a huge safety issue for our other road users and especially pedestrians.  To be fair I don’t believe a total by-pass would benefit the town as our local businesses do rely to a certain degree on the passing trade. This becomes more important in the busier season when we have more visitors to our district. I would like to see our visitors stopping off in Motueka to look around and do some shopping, then visiting the I-Site, before continuing onto the Abel Tasman or Golden Bay for example.

  • Trees on High Street? Open or Close

    The Golden Elms along High Street CBD area has been an on-going discussion point for years. The trees are beautiful when in bloom of course, but the main issues are;

    a) They cast a huge shadow across the road which obstructs the visibility on the pedestrian crossing on High Street/SH60.

    b) When the trees lose their blossoms it creates a problem with increased street sweeping required, but more importantly causes blocked drains and gutters

    I believe if these trees were correctly maintained and trimmed back annually from when they were originally planted, they would not have reached the size they are now and cause safety problems for visibility for both pedestrians and drivers. I would love to see trees along High Street and many other areas of Motueka, but unfortunately I feel these Golden Elms have reached their use-by date when weighing up beautification vs safety of our community. Another specifies of tree or plantings would be more appropriate along this busy area of town.

  • Litter and dog poo in public places? Open or Close

    Unfortunately there is not a lot we can do about this. It is the public’s responsibility to take litter home or place in bins and owners to pick up after their dogs. An obvious solution would be to provide more bins and doggy doo bags in the most littered areas. This comes at a cost to rate payers of course which is frustrating.

  • Crime and security cameras? Open or Close

    This is on the list of ‘special projects’ for the Motueka Community Board to fund more security cameras at recommended areas. This will be going out for public consultation to make sure you submit you choices for this annual special projects funding.

  • What are you going to do about orchard burn-offs and air quality? Open or Close

    TDC has installed a network of outdoor air quality sensors on street lights and power poles in Motueka, Riwaka and Brooklyn to monitor air quality during May to August 2019. I will be watching these results with interest as I realise there are many issues around this. In particular some of the burn-offs conducted by housing sub-divisions last year was particularly invasive with numerous complaints. I am not an expert in this field, but I can keep in contact with the scientists involved and look at results when they come in and ask questions on your behalf about what solutions there will be.

  • Food sovereignty and affordability, how will you ensure this into the future? Open or Close

    We should be able to access affordable and nutritious food that is produced in a safe way and that also looks after our environment.

    To be fair we all need the Supermarkets still for various products but balancing this with supporting local food initiatives such as community gardens and food forests, and encouraging farmers markets. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive if we support our local growers. Creating opportunities for locals to showcase their products not just at the Sunday Market but supporting them on a daily basis. You will notice the difference in your pocket, our children can eat healthier and safer and the dollars are shared around, which can only be good for our local economy.

  • Would you be prepared to work with Forestry to tackle the effects of sedimentation clogging our waterways and bays ? Open or Close

    Absolutely! After my experiences with multiple volunteers helping residents post Cyclone Gita, I would be more than happy to work with Forestry to come up with solutions for cleaning up our waterways.

  • Would you support a plan for increasing the Marine Protected areas in the Bay? Open or Close

    Totally 100%. I would certainly support further marine reserves being established, not just Tonga Island as it is currently. The Abel Tasman is a huge tourism attraction which benefits the economy in the Motueka ward as well as district wide. Looking into further marine reserves would of course protect more marine life which is paramount. The Abel Tasman is big enough to balance marine reserves and fishing sports. There is room for all!

  • How will you tackle the waste water management issues in Motueka? Open or Close

    This has been, and continues to be a long standing issue for the Motueka township. I am no expert in this area, but what I can say is that many members of our community have some very innovative ideas and I will listen to them and bring them to the Council table.

  • Would you support subsidising rain water tanks on new builds to reduce increasing pressure on the existing reticulated water supply? Open or Close

    Most of us (including myself) take water for granted, we turn on the tap, water comes out!

    Our families need water to survive an emergency. That’s more than a good enough reason to have some means to harvest rainwater.  We need to start thinking and planning ahead instead of the here and the now. Being good ancestors for our children and their children is definitely something we need to be focusing on more and more.

    I would have to look further into subsidies depending on the cost and budget available of course. New builds should definitely have rules around water harvesting within the covenants. The majority of sub-division covenants are so out of date and urgently need revising to include water harvesting, plus rules around allowing tiny homes and % quota on how purchases the land (as mentioned further up in the housing question).

  • How will you deal with the increasing gang presence and crime in the region? Open or Close

    We have recently experienced gang presence in the Motueka Ward. In my role with Our Town Motueka, we worked closely with the local police and created signs for going up in shops, communicating with local accommodation providers and also potential employers. With these simple steps we did push them out of town. Sticking together and working with many community groups strengthened our stance and provided that security that our families want. I already work closely with The Neighbourhood Support groups and receive up to date information on any crime areas, communicating this information to the public to help raise awareness of us being more vigilant.

  • Is there a plan to identify and mitigate low lying historical landfill sites to ensure nothing like the Fox River happens here? Open or Close

    Not that I am aware of, but excellent point.  I will talk with the Environmental Department and raise this question with them. Rules around capping etc and any work in place to mitigate this situation happening in our district.

  • What are your plans / thoughts for Pensioner Housing? Open or Close

    In a nut shell....we need to keep Pensioner Housing!
    The Motueka Community Board has recently requested 4 delegations from Council to oversea and involved in working groups. One of these delegations is community/pensioner housing. Due to this delegation we will be involved with the decision making and our input and yours will be heard.  

  • Is it a conflict of interest that I am standing for Council but also the Our Town Motueka Coordinator? Open or Close

    This question was asked of me some months back before I made my final decision to stand for council. I have done my due diligence and contacted the Office of the Auditor General and explained my role with Our Town Motueka in full detail and I have written confirmation from their office that there is no conflict of interest and I have the all clear to stand for council.
    If anyone would like to see this letter please feel free to pop into my office at the back of Ormulo Fashions on High Street. I believe in fact these two roles will compliment each other as they do now with me being on the Community Board. I hope this clarifies any questions moving forward. 

Claire Shares

  • Claire Shares on Gita Open or Close

    Nothing could have prepared us for the devastation of Cyclone Gita.  Even the huge efforts we went to with sandbagging at Concrete & Metals continuously for two days prior.  Clearing drains and gullies and doing what we could to check on our neighbours and the wider community.

    I will never forget that phone call from a friend on the Wednesday morning while standing on my porch thinking to myself “well that storm didn’t really come to much”.  I was totally unaware that over the bridge was a complete nightmare.  I hopped in the car and went to my friend’s house down Umukuri Road. Shocked by what awaited me.

    This was the start of weeks and weeks of clean-up efforts for our communities in Riwaka, Brooklyn, Motueka Valley, Marahau, Westbank Road and many more areas. So many people in dispair, with no where or no one to turn to. It was the beginning of an emotional roller-coaster for our volunteer clean up crew, not just digging and clearing debris but also with putting on our social worker hats and helping with WINZ questions, insurance claims and EQC queries.

    Responses from our facebook posts for SOS came in thick and fast. By lunchtime on day 1 we had a team of about 12 of us cleaning up with whatever tools we had at home or donated by others. Sweeping, shovelling, digging, hosing, lifting, pushing, carrying with sweat and tears doing what we could to help out.

    We worked in with the volunteer team at Beyond The Bridge sharing information on where they had delivered food and supplies but needed clean-up help, and vice versa. The teamwork was excellent, especially when non of us had been in this role before of leading our community into hope after such a disaster. 

    Some houses up Brooklyn Valley still had no water after 8 days in and also some at Peach Island. We delivered boxes of water bottles on our way to help which was mostly donated by the amazing Rapid Relief Team. The efforts, generosity and kindness by the wider community was so heart warming, I remember that feeling of being so proud to be part of our community where we all stood together.

    Weeks and weeks of round robin text messages every evening to our volunteer clean-up crew sharing addresses and people in need of our support continued. It was an incredible experience with many new friendships made. Organising diggers from local companies supplying them free of charge, calling for digger operators to volunteer their skills, reaching out to the public for more equipment such as wheelbarrows and spades and more and more manpower was still desperately needed if we were to make any sort of head way.  We were all exhausted both emotionally and physically.

    I remember probably about 3 weeks in, our clean-up team headed over to Marahau and we were all speechless by what we saw.  People’s land absolutely covered in logs and mud. On one property one man alone was working on his land to clear away the annihilation.  Probably about 15 of us that day rocked up to him and started digging and mucking in to clear what we could.  He was totally overwhelmed and just kept working away on his digger.  I remember vomiting a few times that day with the stench of the mud (I’m sure I wasn’t the only one). The smell was horrendous.  By the time afternoon tea break came around the owner of the property looked like a different man. He was smiling and chatting and we even had some laughs.  He didn’t just need us there with our shovels, he needed us there to lift his spirits as well. It was a good day!

    Finally, weeks after Gita, the Recovery Team was established and us volunteers could hang up our shovels and get back to work. We were still helping at weekends, but most of us had to get back to our jobs to pay our bills and see our children whom had probably forgotten what we looked like! My wee boy Roman who was just 4 years old at the time came out with us at weekends and certainly lifted everyone's spirits with his innocence and eagerness to help. He had a few rides in the  wheelbarrows as well!

    Weeks past and I remember how it was still on my mind. Knowing and seeing first hand what our community did for each other was an extremely humbling experience.

    So many from our community gave so much to help others in need during this time. I remember Blair from CWS giving us his digger for about 10 days. He had prior bookings for the digger and I said “well it’s your digger I guess we can give it back lol” to which he replied “don’t worry I’ll sort something, just keep using it”. (Thank you so much Blair).

    I would like to thank on a personal level; Chris & June from the Brethren Church for their lovely Easter gift hamper for myself and Roman.
    The Toy Library ladies who turned up to my house and got to work cleaning and doing my housework which had been left to slide during those few weeks.
    Janis Ord for paying me wages still even though I wasn’t at work.
    The Menz Shed for asking me for a list of jobs that I needed doing.  They said it was their way of supporting me and saying thank you for helping our community. (I was totally overwhelmed...and quickly got a list drawn up lol).
    And last but certainly not least....the amazing team of volunteers that pulled together for weeks on end giving up their time.  We shared some laughs along the way and shared a bond that will be with me forever.

  • Projects & Volunteering Open or Close

    2012 - Treasurer for Motueka Junior Football Club

    2013 - 2017 - Toy Library, Vice Chair, Chair & Committee member

    2015 - 2017 - RDA Committee Member & Fundraising for security camera

    2015 ongoing - Quiz nights & fundraising for RDA, Toy Library, Gita, Litter Cart, Kai Fest, Team Motueka, Project Jonah, Boomerang Bags

    2016 ongoing - Trustee for Motueka Events Charitable Trust

    March 2016 - Our Town Motueka Coordinator

    2016 ongoing - Motueka Community Board

    December 2016 - Community Patrol Shift

    2016 ongoing - Menz Shed, liaising on community projects 

    2017 - Project Jonah, completed training to be a Marine Mammal Medic & attended strandings in Golden Bay & Motueka

    2016 /2017 - Shade sails at Decks Reserve

    2017 - Seats & Tables at Decks Reserve

    January 2017 - Boomerang Bags Committee

    2017 & 2018 - OTM-Festival lights

    2017 & 2019 - Memorial seats for locals

    2017 - Public toilets tidy up

    2017 - Vision Motueka Trustee

    February 21st 2018 - Cyclone Gita. Coordinating the volunteer clean up crew

    2018 - Motueka-safe families, Motueka Champion

    September 2018 - Puma visit

    December 2018 - Organised public training for AED & first aid

    2018 ongoing - Member of Rotary Club

    June 2019 - Motueka Matariki Festival

    January 2019 - Outdoor gym equipment installed at Memorial Park

    March 2019 - Pigeon Valley Fire. Coordinating food relief 

    June 2019 - Pedestrian crossings finally more visible

    2019 - Celebrity cook off at Kai-Fest

    March 22nd 2019 - Vigil for Christchurch Mosque shootings

    June 2019 - Elected to Board of Trustees Parkland School

    January 2019 - Community piano

    Ongoing - New Library, community board and council

    2019 ongoing - Litter Project, attended workshop and completed beach clean up survey at Kina Beach



  • Claire Shares on Recycling Open or Close

    Hi all
    An interesting and full day yesterday. We went off to the Richmond Resource Recovery Centre on Beach Road for our tour. The tour was originally instigated a couple of months ago when I asked at the Community Board meeting what happened to our recycling when it disappeared into our yellow top bins and blue bottle bins. What was their journey? and did it even in fact get recycled (have heard some horror stories).
    I am extremely pleased to say that yes the majority of our items do get recycled.

    What I learned....

    Clear milk bottles along with the soda PET bottles (made of polyethylene terephthalate) are recycled at Christchurch.
    Clear plastics go to Lower Hutt and made into strawberry punnets. Whereas currently the white milk bottles are exported as waste.
    Bottles have the tops taken off and tops discarded.
    Glass is sorted into colour and recycled at Auckland. Clear glass has a higher recycled value.
    Tin cans are picked up by SIM Pacific Metals for recycling.
    Aluminium cans are sent to Invercargill for recycling.
    Paper is sent to China for recycling ie into cardboard.
    Landfill items at York Valley are used to power the 2 boilers at Nelson Hospital.

    Take off the tops from wine bottles and put tops in the yellow top bin
    Remove tops from milk and pop bottles and put in the rubbish
    Rinse out containers and bottles. The recycle value goes down if deemed as contaminated
    Buy clear milk bottles not the white ones
    Purchase goods in clear glass where possible rather than green or brown as the value is higher

    There are still areas for improvement of course, like most things, but I feel more confident after our visit that the landfill is definitely not the first point of call.
    Thank you to the team at Smart Environmental Ltd and TDC for the informative tour.
    #standwithclaire #sharewithclaire


  • Claire Shares On Motueka Community Board Open or Close

    David Ogilvie was the one who first mentioned to me about going for the Motueka Community Board and encouraged and nagged me until I said Yes. 

    To be honest my hesitation was thinking how I am going to get voted on when usually it was older white males around the Board or Council dare I even think I belonged in that environment.  I would like to thank David though, as he made me realise I absolutely not just belonged there but was also needed there.

    Over the past 3 years (almost) it has been an incredible experience and found myself feeling very comfortable around the table with fellow Board Members, Councillors and TDC Staff.

    Getting things done..... being from a banking background I immediately found myself studying the finance report.  This has proved to be beneficial on a number of occasions, where facilities and equipment have been improved, replaced or newly installed. Feeling proud!

    Asking questions..... Take it from me, if you need to ask a question, there is probably more than you at the table that wants to know the answer.  I realised this very early on.

    Attention to detail and wanting to understand why certain decisions are being made is paramount to representing the community with the respect you all deserve.  If at first you don’t understand...ask ask and ask again!

    Responsibility to our community..... Not everything get across the line, otherwise it would be a perfect world, but listening to people and understanding what their ideas are or their concerns is a top priority for me.  I have always encouraged open communication and being approachable whether it’s talking in the street, the supermarket, on the phone, over email or facebook. 

    I can’t fix what I don’t know!  It’s not my sole decision of course, but it’s certainly a good place to start in getting issues to the table.

    I don’t know all the answers, and none of us do. But what I can promise you is if I don’t know the answer, I will find out and I will get back to you!




  • Claire Shares On Our Town Motueka Coordinator Open or Close

    Wow! What can I say.  I love this job....

    My role with Our Town Motueka started back in March 2015 where I quickly found my idyllic job...Talking!

    Meeting business owners and sharing ideas for promoting our town, organising networking functions, event organiser for the Starlight Christmas Parade and Mid-Winter Festivals, most recently on the Matariki Committee.  It’s not all a bed of roses of course, I have some challenging days where I think “really what on earth am I doing here”, but luckily those days are extremely few and far between, and have learned over the years to ‘spray and walk-away’. Definitely a role where you have to increase your skin thickness.

    The most humorous part of my role with Our Town Motueka would have to be walking into local businesses and they look at me....laugh and give me stick, and then say “what do you want for nothing now”. Haha!

    It’s absolutely awesome that whenever we have events or need help with setting up equipment, no matter how big or small, they come to the party without hesitation or an invoice at the end of it.  You guys rock!

    To give you an idea of what the role of Our Town Committee is all about, here is our Mission Statement:-

    To create, encourage, promote and support business activities and enterprises operating within the Motueka Ward.

    This is achieved by maintaining effective communication between businesses, promoting Motueka through a variety of media, delivering and supporting events which stimulate economic activity, fostering business development and education and building collaborative relationships with other Motueka Community groups.

  • Claire Shares on the new Expression Swings Open or Close

    Great news for children and parents !
    You may remember a while ago we - the Motueka Community Board had funding for 2 x Expression Swings. We had $10k and each swing costs $5k. These swings come without frames. It was approved that we could have these swings on condition we got local sponsorship to cover the cost of frames and also digging out and barking the surface on location.
    Our amazing sponsors are.... Infield Engineers Ltd and CJ Industries
    A huge thank you to these generous local businesses for their community support. Plus TDC Parks & Reserve Staff for your help with this project. (Swings will be at Decks Reserve and Richards Reserve).


Special Thanks

Janis Ord for Graphic Design and Co-Campaign Manager.

Lisa Cahalane for Website Design 

Terri Everett for Co-Campaign Manager.

Rene Rowling for Co-Campaign Manager.

Stew Robertson and Brent Steinmetz for being my Nominators.

The Motueka Community for supporting me !

Some People Say

I’ve known Claire Hutt since the first week we arrived in NZ almost 10 years ago.  Claire worked in our local bank, straight off it was very obvious she had a real passion for helping people. We became  very good friends with Claire and have always marvelled at her huge heart and capacity to help all and everyone.
When describing Claire to my other friends I always described her as the sort to chat to someone somewhere who was struggling then next thing I knew she’d be delivering her  outgrown children’s toys to a complete stranger, this has happened!
She is such a caring compassionate woman who is a bundle of energy and enthusiasm with amazing organisational skills who never gives up until she gets the job done. 
We’d often drive through Motueka and see Claire putting up the lights in the town centre, hanging or removing the hanging baskets, or as just before Gita, the rain had already started and I remember saying to my husband, that looked like Claire in a high vis jacket digging drains in the rain, sure enough it was!!
After Gita, the whole clean up was started long before TDC got involved, Claire spoke to a friend who’d been hit pretty hard, within a few hours she’d organised a team if people to turn up and start digging people out. 
Claire is not a person who ever blows her own trumpet so I would like this opportunity to blow it for her. She has done so much to help our little community, she gets out there and gets her hands dirty. Ask anyone involved in the clean up for Gita. Who was in there in her  gum boots getting her hands dirty whilst organising it all at the same time. 
I can’t think of anyone more suited for council and representing our community. 
Paula & John Curtis. 

At 8pm on the Saturday evening after visiting the headquarters for the Pigeon Valley Fires, I had the idea to open the food room at MoTEC to cook for the fire appeal. Straight away I contacted Claire as I know she is always supportive, community minded, knows lots of people in the Motueka area and more importantly…. gets the job done. One phone call to Claire and by 10am the next morning we had a room full of people cooking, donating food or money to buy ingredients. By lunchtime we had about 60 people helping and by the end of this amazing day we had prepared approximately 300 meals for families affected by the fire and the families of the firefighters, who had been without their husbands, partners and fathers for days on end. The whole day was a huge success and Claire was one of the key people to help make this happen. If ever I have an idea for the Motueka community, Claire is the person I contact first – as I know her enthusiasm and boundless energy will get the job done!  
Jo Calt